A Starter Kit for Laravel + Next.js SPAs

Hooking up your Laravel API to your Next.js frontend so you can focus on the important parts of you application.

Get your app running instantly

  • Backend Frontend connection
  • Full blown authentication system
  • Redux
  • Customizability
  • Protected routes
  • Components
  • And more!

Extensive documentation

Worried that understanding the source code will take more time than building it yourself? Don't. The documentation will show you everything you need to know and how to customize it to your needs.

Check the docs

"Hooking Laravel & Next up takes too much boilerplate"

Laravel & Next.js alone are extremely powerful frameworks but hooking them up requires too much boilerpate, especially if you want to integrate a full blow authentication system. Well, with the Laravel + Next.js Starter Kit this catastrophy comes to an end! The Kit has everything you need to jump right into the important parts.

Niclas Timm
Creator of the Laravel + Next.js Starter Kit

It' so easy


Download the Kit

Download or fork the repo from GitHub


Set env variables

Configure the project settings


Lauch the app

Get the Laravel server and the Next.js app running


Start coding

Start coding the important parts of your application