Google Tag Manager

If you want to build a production ready application you probably want to include tracking tools or other 3rd party scipts. You can of course do all that directly in the source code, but doing it via the Google Tag Manager (GTM) makes this much more easy and flexible. Just create a free GTM account, integrate it to your website and inject all other needed scripts (e.g., Google Analytics) via GTM. This also comes in handy if you want to include a Cookie-Banner from a 3rd Party like Cookiebot and hook it up to your tracking tools in order to meet GDPR standards.

To set it up in your app, all you have to do is navigate to /client/.env.local and paste you GTM id (typically starts with „GTM-…“) as the value for the NEXT_PUBLIC_GOOGLE_TAG_MANAGER_ID. If you do not set this value, the GTM script will simply not be fired. No big deal.