File structure

Laravel backend

The Laravel code lies in the root directory. You can find out more about the layout of that here.

  • There are no additional folders in the Laravel App that don't ship by default

Next.js Frontend

  • The Next.js app lies in the /client directory.
  • You can find all custom components under /components.
  • The /config directory holds the very important config.tsx file, where some axios default options are declared and your proteced routes are defined. You can find more detail about that here
  • As per default in Next.js apps, the pages that are accessible via the browser live under pages. In there, you can find a user direcory, where all routes related to authentication live in. The _app.tsx and _document.tsx are customized to our needs.
  • Also, all publicly and statically available assets are located in /public
  • The /services directory includes all reusable functionality of your application. For example, the /services/Auth/AuthGuard.tsx class takes care of authenticating the currently logged in user on the server side and redirects the user if necessary. As you extend your application, you are likely to reuse some functionality across different circumstances. We highly recommend you to take advantage of the /services directory in these situations.
  • The /store directory holds all redux specific functionality. Read more about that here